Sulla Moda is an international import company. Our primary focus is supplying custom designed, fashion-forward accessories including hats, scarves, bags and other accessories, to large retailers in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our key services include design, buying, manufacturing and logistics.

We will do extensive research on your brand, look at global trends and assist with building a range suited for your market. Our creative team will also constantly create new, innovative designs that are tailored to capture the aesthetics of your brand.

We source, select and build long-term relationships with the factories that produce your products. We also manage the entire production process from start to finish, ensuring quality control from sampling to delivery of finished products. We manage all the logistics, including both shipping and air freight planning, customs clearing and finally, on time delivery.

Our vision is to become part of your team, going the extra mile to ensure your products are on trend and trading. We see ourselves as more than just a supplier and importer of products, we are the business partner that cares about the products you are able to offer your customers.

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